Digital Billboards Vs. Static Billboards

It used to be that your own only option for billboards was to slap a bright picture and catchy slogan on the massive sign and call it good. But with the growth of digital LED billboards, advertisers now have many more options than ever before. Digital and traditional billboards have their differences but are both excellent advertising options. Which one is better for your business? Let’s explore.

Static Billboards

Static billboards have been a long-standing element of advertising for many companies throughout the years and have proven their worth among business owners. Static billboards are the only form of media that offers businesses constant 24/7 exposure that cannot be turned off, thrown away, or ignored, which in turn, makes them very effective at spreading brand awareness to the masses.
Billboards are a powerful way to spread your message to a large number of people in a short amount of time. They allow businesses to choose the perfect location and are often placed along busy roads and intersections for maximum visibility. Static billboards are typically rented on longer term contracts; because most people travel the same route on a regular basis, people will likely be exposed to your billboard multiple times, which can greatly increase your brand awareness and lead to increased sales and attention.


Digital Billboards

Digital billboards are electronic displays that are controlled remotely by computers and are taking the outdoor advertising experience to a whole new level. Since digital billboards are controlled remotely they offer much more flexibility to the advertiser. Digital allows you to update your messages on the fly, run multiple messages in your spot, and incorporate RTD and social media feeds. We can even set up a completely customized schedule to impact viewers at specific times of the day or days of the week. Production costs associated with digital are much lower than static. The changing of the message alone helps draw attention to the display.


Both static and digital billboards can offer your business excellent exposure that cannot be ignored. Depending on your needs and goals we can help determine the right fit for you. Give us a call today.