Advantages of Billboard Advertising

There are a lot of options when it comes to advertising, but one of the biggest ways to make a splash is through billboards. Billboard advertising draws attention and can be incredibly effective. Here are four of its biggest advantages:


Billboards and huge and nearly impossible to avoid. Since billboards are typically placed along busy streets or intersections, you’ll potentially have hundreds or thousands of people passing by your billboard and message every day. And because people tend to take the same route regularly, chances are good that the same people will see your billboard multiple times, which can solidify your brand and message in their minds. Unlike other advertising like a TV or radio commercial that potential customers can turn off, billboards are always on and don’t give people a chance to turn away. Instead of searching out customers, you can take advantage of the potential customers right outside your door.


Companies that use billboards can choose the perfect location to advertise their business. Billboards placed in the right locations can be used to point customers towards the store or to give directions to your business. If you have a store or showroom close to a billboard, use the location to point out how close people are to your business. If you just want to reach as many people as possible, put your billboard along a busy stretch of road. Whatever the goals of your advertising, a customized billboard location can help you meet the goal.

Brand Awareness

Billboards allow any company to convey their message within a confined area which makes it an excellent way to build brand awareness. Because people pass by billboards so frequently, every time they see the same image, it gets filed away in their brain. The more people see your billboard, the stronger the association is in their mind. When they need a service you provide, they can tap into their memory of your billboard and connect with your company. Billboards are an excellent way to share a quick message about what your company is, which can plant the seeds for customers in the near term and long term. And because billboards lend themselves to creativity, you have the opportunity to showcase your company in a way that will really get people’s attention.


If you pay for another form of advertising, you might get one commercial to air every hour or two or one ad to run once in a weekly newspaper. With a billboard, your message is always on display. It doesn’t matter what time of the day or night, someone could be driving past your billboard and learning about your brand. Billboards are the only form of media that cannot be turned off or thrown away!

Billboard advertising is a powerful way to get your message across and reach a wide array of potential customers. With an impactful message and the perfect location, your business can shine on a billboard.


Percentage of Households Reached with Various Media Types

  • Newspaper ad (3 quarter page ads) 38.5% 38.5%
  • Television (128 spots) 60% 60%
  • Radio (752 spots) 58.1% 58.1%
  • Outdoor (8 bulletins, 15 posters) 60.6% 60.6%